Webb’s Golf VR6

Hi, my name is Webb Starr, and this is my VR6 swapped Golf.

Looking back on this build, and where I was in my life, this car is a miracle to even exist.

I used it for time attack for 2 years and then, with the birth of my first son, I had to give it up. The car sat for a year in a half and I wanted to get back into playing with Volkswagen’s. I’ve had many dubs (11 to be exact) but I didn’t want another one, with the Golf already in my garage.

Picture by @catuned

I wanted to recreate my GTI and in a theme that wasn’t common.

Motorsports is something that I love, and especially at the time with the European touring racing – so I wanted to recreate that.

I stripped the car, had a cage fanned up and welded in and with a color in mind, I got the paint code for the 20th Anniversary Blue from the local VW deal and off it went. When I picked up the car it was Indigo blue… not what I had in mind.

After that incident, I bought a wrecked 95 Mk3 Golf to do the engine swap. I had the motor torn down and rebuilt, and now that it was ready, I looked for a new color to paint the car.

I found the 2011 Porsche Sport Classic Grey, and after searching for 6 months for the paint code, I found out it was from a limited edition Porsche 997.

Picture by @leftcoastcars

The exterior

Like I said earlier, the body is painted in a Sport Classic Grey color, from a 2011 Porsche 997.

Some changes to the front of the car: the turn signals, foglight holes, license plate recess, and hood vents were all removed/shaved, as well as the side markers, the driver’s side wiper and the antenna.

Picture by @catuned

It has an ABD Racing grill spoiler and an Aero lower grill piece, together with a badgeless grill. The rear hatch belongs to an ’86 Golf without the 3rd stop light, and the windshield comes from a Jetta so that there is no rearview mirror mount.

Pictures by Jon Tran from StanceNation

On the back, the rear wiper, squirt nozzle, and the keyhole and some other small stuff was shaved.

Oh, and a set of Hella Blue tail lights were recently added, and also a Voomeran chin spoiler.

Picture by @big_euro

The Engine

It’s running a VR6 from a 95 Mk3 Golf, with a Techtonics chip installed, Unorthodox pulleys, and a WhanAB billet aluminum dip stick.

Picture by Jon Tran from StanceNation

The exhaust is custom made (2.75″), with a 3″ stainless steel turn down, ending with a Magnaflow muffler.

Suspension, Wheels, Tires and Brakes

The car has a set of FK Silverline coilovers, a Neuspeed rear sway bar, and a custom rear tie bar.

Wheels are 16″ BBS E50. In the front they’re 9″ wide (5×130) with a set of Falken Ziex F912 205/40, and in the back 10″(5×100) with a set of Falken 452 215/40.

Picture by Sean Klingelhoefer from SpeedHunters

It was converted from 4 to 5 lug bolt, and in the front the G60 calipers were installed and painted in the same gold color as the BBS’s. In the back, the drum brakes were swapped for a set of ABD Racing cross drilled rotors (which were also used in the front). The steel braided brake lines are from ABD as well.

How is it inside?

Going inside the car we can spot the custom 6-point roll-cage, the Cobra Monaco racing seats along the the 5-point Crow Racing harnesses.

Picture by Ed Fox

There’s also the Momo steering wheel, a 5″ Speedo and Tach from Autometer’s Pro-Comp series and of course the 3/8″ gauges for the water temp, oil pressure, fuel pressure and the voltmeter.

Pictures by Jon Tran from StanceNation

Sound system:

A Sony Xplode head unit was installed, with 2 6×9 Sony Xplode speakers, an 800 Watt Sony Amp, and 2 2″ tweeters.

Wrapping things up

Money HunGREY has appeared in many car shows from the PNW, Las Vegas, and numerous other car shows in California from 2011 to 2016 (60 in total). The bulk of which were in 2012-13 (36 in those two years).

Picture by @leftcoastcars

I say that to say this: Money HunGREY is now retired from shows except for Occupy Big Bear that we help with.

This one was a little special for me, as it was probably one of the first Golf projects I saw, and it motivated me to get my own Golf! Huge thank you to Webb for his help to get this feature done.

Find Webb on Instagram @webbstarrs