Heather’s 1990 Golf G60

My name is Heather Tucker, I live in Georgia and this is my 1990 Volkswagen Golf.

I bought this car about 5 years ago from my friend. It was stock and pretty rough around the edges. A couple of months before, a woman t-boned my 1991 GTI and totaled it. So I was looking for a shell to transfer all of my goodies over.

I really wanted the car to make it to SOWO 2013, which was 130 days away. I got the car towed to my friends’ garage and started stripping it. Once everything was taken off it was sent to a body shop and every weekend we worked on it getting prepped for paint.

Exterior Mods

It’s sitting on 3 piece OZ Vega Fittipaldi’s wheels with Airlift V2 air ride. Changed the front end to the single round headlights and smoked indicator lights.

I also shaved the rear wiper and also replaced my rear emblem with a smaller, chromed one I found at VWcity (now Twincity VW parts).

The Engine

I had a G60 waiting to be placed in a car. The motor was owned by Danny from SNS tuning. It has been ported and polished with a 68mm wide-toothed pulley, 260/268 i-symmetrical cam, TT adjustable cam gear, SNS 30lb tun, and a B RSR Charger outlet.

It has a Pacesetter header and a Eurosport exhaust. The battery tray was removed and a Deka 11lb battery placed in its spot. Everything has been tucked so the bay looks super clean.


I’m a sucker for OEM+, I have a full Recaro interior, recovered headliner in suede, and OEM radio. The steering wheel is a black leather Nardi and a golf ball shift knob.

For the air tank, I polished copper tubing and had @vwhooptie bend it around the tank.

Final Notes

There is always something I’ll want to change on this car. I’m obsessed with the small details, and slowly working on them. I want to get a different engine set up, get another set of Recaro’s to get recovered, new dash, and pop out windows just to name a few.

I’m shocked to see how far this car has come and excited to see how it will change.