Chris’ Nascar Golf VR6

I’m Chris, from South Wales in the UK, and I’ve owned ‘Heidi’ for 16 years.

When I was in school this car was parked not far away and I always told myself that one day I would buy it. Sure enough, when I turned 18, the car came up for sale and I scrambled all my cash together to go buy her.

The panels’ color were a bit faded, and it had a misfire at 3000rpm (which turned out to be the head gasket). I ran her as a stick GTI 8v for a few years, and I installed a set of coilovers, and lights, keeping her a bit cal look.

After my daughter was born I took her off the road for a rebuild, and turn her into something unique that I loved and wasn’t done before.

I love muscle cars and Nascar, so that was the basic inspiration for how she looks now. The build took 7 years, with a bit of wiring help from friends. And after those 7 years, I finally achieved a look that I love and wanted.

What changed after you bought her?

So, from the factory, this was a big bumper Tornado Red GTI on BBS RAs. But I then changed a few things and ran her with a set of ATS Cup and FK High Sports for a few years. After she came off the road, I stripped her back completely.

Here’s the list of parts she now has:

  • Fk Street Line Coilovers
  • 8×15 Extreme Offset Wheels, painted and detailed at home
  • 205/50/15 595 RST Tyres
  • Smoked X-hair headlights
  • 16V Rear Lights
  • G60 Arches
  • North Viking Brake Ducts
  • Custom Chin Spoiler
  • One off fully adjustable nascar wedge
  • One off grill badge
  • Full Custom Motorsport Prospeed Exhaust
  • Cult Society Rear plinth
  • Boot Top Spoiler Delete
  • Custom Side Trim
  • Custom Headlight Covers

Picture by @pjfairman

She started with a modest 8V… but she deserved a VR6 growl — it went with the muscle car theme!

So it’s a 2.8 Obd2 VR6, with a stainless steel 6-1 exhaust manifold (ending with a stainless steel twin-tip in the back), and a Pipercross air filter. It’s currently making 182bhp and 172lb of torque.

The Interiors

To get the most performance possible, I stripped away everything that wasn’t needed. So the whole interior went off!

The carpets and rear seats were removed, and in the front I’ve installed a set of Sparco seats with fixed bases (retrimmed with original seat fabric/material). The heater core and sound system were also removed.

It has carbon fiber door cards, vents and speaker blanks, an OMP deep-dish steering wheel, the battery was relocated to behind the driver’s seat and the washer bottle was placed under the dashboard. And for extra safety, it has a 6-point Sparco Roll Cage.

Next plans? Is it finished?

To be honest, it will never be finished. I’m hoping to add some more things, as I’ll never sell her.

I hope one day I can get a throttle body setup and some real Nascar wheels and wider arches. But the main thing for the future is a re-spray, and then is just a matter of enjoying the car.

Got to mention my good mate Gareth Leyshon and Jon Chapman for all their help along the way — top friends!

Thank you for reading! Keep an eye on Chris’ fabulous build in his Instagram: @thatnascarmk2